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Spring Cleaning | Give Your Electronics A Spring Cleaning | The Circuit Blog | 4THBIN

Give Your Electronics A Spring Cleaning

Photo Source Spring has sprung, and you know what that means. Spring cleaning. But we’re not just talking about those dust bunnies in the corner. We’re talking about your electronics—and 4th Bin is here to help. Whether it’s through our electronics recycling services, data destruction handling, asset value recovery services, or our 360 IT portfolio manager solution, our job is to make your spring cleaning a breeze. Curious? Put down the dust-buster and the Swiffer Sweeper and take a look at some of our services instead. Electronics Recycling For NYC businesses, we make e-waste collection and electronics recycling ethical, easy,…...

Cycle For Survival | The Circuit Blog | 4THBIN

Join us at Cycle for Survival!

Many of us know what it’s like to have a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer. You might feel helpless, depleted, filled with sadness, but there’s one other thing I’m sure you also felt: an insatiable desire to do something about it, to help in any way possible. Two years ago, my oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Luckily the tumor ended up being benign, but I still felt that need to do something. Even now after the tumor has been successfully removed and his condition improved, the feeling does not go away. We all want to…...

E-Waste | Sign the BAN Petition | The Circuit Blog | 4THBIN

Sign the BAN Petition

The Reality Massive amounts of hazardous electronic waste is being exported from the U.S. to developing countries. Instead of being properly or responsibly recycled it is being “smashed, burned, melted, and washed in acid baths in dangerous substandard recycling operations that harm workers, communities and environment.” This is harmful for the environment and for the communities in the developing countries. It also, worryingly, undermines the U.S. based computer recycling industry. Why is this Happening? Because it costs less to export this waste to developing countries as opposed to managing the waste responsibly at home. Now, while it might be costing…...

4th Bin wins EPA Environmental Champion Award

4th Bin was started 5 years ago by a couple of technology professionals. We knew technology. We knew New York City. But we didn’t know the recycling business. We decided that, if we were going to start this venture, we were going to do it the right way. To us, there was no sense in starting an e-waste recycling business and not actually recycling. We took our commitment seriously and spent that first year receiving a lot of advice and learning a lot about the recycling process, exports and unethical business practices. We made a few mistakes (which we quickly…...