Data Center Decommissioning

At 4THBIN, Our Motto is “No Data Left Behind”

Data center decommissioning done right ... securely and sustainably

With the rapid pace of technology change, the demand for data storage is growing exponentially, and the lifespan of data-center equipment is getting increasingly shorter. This leaves companies in search for a secure and sustainable e-recycling solution to support their data center decommissioning needs. 

At 4THBIN, we understand data protection is the number one risk for businesses and we pride ourselves on our data security expertise. Our motto is “No data left behind.” Not all e-recycling companies are the same. We are certified and accredited by the industry’s most rigorous and trusted institutions for data security and sustainability.

With over a decade of experience, we make the complex process of retiring data centers seamless and secure while minimizing business disruption for our clients

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NIST 800-88 data compliance
Certified data destruction
100% data privacy compliance
Asset inventory & tracking




e-Steward certified
EcoVadis Platinum rating
R2 Certified
B Corp certified




Hard drive erasure & destruction
Onsite or offsite data destruction
UPS & HVAC dismantling
Electrical engineering
Project management

Over a decade of experience with zero data breaches

We serve over 6,000 clients with their e-recycling needs from Fortune 100 companies to startup companies, and over 75% of our clients are from the financial, healthcare, academic or legal sectors.

We have destroyed or erased over 1 Million hard drives for our clients with zero data breaches, and are 100% compliant with data security and data privacy laws and regulations.

With our certified crews, we provide both onsite and offsite data destruction. We are NIST 800-88 compliant and provide our clients certification of the data destruction when the project is complete. Our end to end tracking provides our clients piece of mind with a detailed report documenting the responsible and legal recycling of our clients’ e-waste.

No job is too big or too small. Whether you are upgrading or relocating your data center or simply need to clean out that stockpile you have been wary about how to dispose of, we can help.

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