Let’s face it, most people know of 4th Bin as an electronic waste (e-waste) recycler. But we’re more than a recycler. We’re a full service firm that provides a range of end of life solutions. These services were built on our experience in the technology industry and understanding exactly what is needed in your organization. The result is a finely crafted suite of solutions tailored to your individual business needs.

Recycling with us is simple. Just give us your information and we will contact you. Or call us at 855-ECYCLE1 (855-329-2531).

Our Services Include:

E-waste Recycling Services
  • Door to door pickup service – with no minimum inventory or weight requirements
  • No boxing, moving or packing on your part
  • No max size limitations. We pickup copiers, plotters and other large scale items.
  • Competitive pricing – no trucking fees regardless of inventory size
  • Above all – most ethical solution in town. We’re a B Corp and are currently in the certification process e-Steward Recycler, R2 and ISO 14001
On-site/Off-site Data Destruction:
Staff Augmentation:
  • Decommission and removal at one time – no need to utilize valuable storage space.
  • Inventory and serial number capturing
  • Lower costs and quicker turn-times than using in-house resources
  • Allows your in-house resources to concentrate on core functions
Supplemental Services:
  • Sustainability consulting on ethical e-waste recycling solutions as well international, federal and state legislation requirements
  • E-waste disposal budgeting consulting
  • Utilize our network of partners – including leading NYC technology firms – for short and long term projects.

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