Modern Day Mindset

The way we utilize technology in our daily lives has evolved, having an impact on the way we purchase products and services. Subscription services have changed the way people shop and how businesses interact with their customers. Everything from car share rides, personalized fashion boxes and shaving products delivered to your door to email storage plans and software upgrades have become subscription based, offering customers convenience and cost savings. This modern day mindset also applies to business purchases. When it comes to purchasing big-ticket items such as computers and software programs, businesses are shifting to the “as a Service” (aaS) model.

Industry trends are showing that the procurement and deployment of computers and other devices are moving to the Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model. HaaS services include a wide range of devices, deployment, management services and end-of-life recycling.

Service plans vary and typically involve a monthly fee per device.

A survey conducted by IDC (International Data Corporation) of US IT buyers, found that one-quarter were actively looking at moving to HAAS and nearly 20% that were not, said they had plans to do so over the next year.

HaaS Benefits

Why pay a monthly fee rather than buying computers outright? According to the same survey, the top three reasons selected include the ability to deploy hardware as needed based on workload, transitioning capital expenditures to operating expenses and the ability to reduce IT workloads by using a third party vendor for deployment. Another driver in this industry shift is the challenge companies face with the secure disposal of data.

This is an exciting and positive development in our area of expertise. As we see companies of all sizes start to change their thinking and adjust their strategies when it comes to hardware, we will continue to evaluate the benefits for clients and the impact on the tech industry.

Source: The future of company devices may be ‘as-a-Service’, by Tom Mainelli, 07-06-16