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For bulk orders of 5 or more machines, please call 855-329-2531.

If your business, school or organization has Apple products that are either still in production or nearing the end of their useful life, we will purchase them and give you cash to put towards the purchase of newer technology!! If you are looking to unload your organization’s Apple products in a trusted, secure and environmentally friendly and cost efficient way, we want to work with you!

The 4THBIN will purchase your company’s used Intel based Apple equipment through a quick and convenient transaction. Our goal is to help your business maximize the value of your current technology when making upgrades.

We pay competitive prices for used Apple products including Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Cinema Display, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

About Us

4THBIN was started by two regular guys from the technology industry. We had old electronics that needed to be disposed of and realized there was no easy, cost effective, and responsible solution for the disposal of e-waste in NYC. We decided to create the solution.

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