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If you are looking to get paid for your corporate IT assets, look no further than 4THBIN Computer Liquidation. Not only is reuse the purest form of computer recycling but it allows you to recover value on your initial investment. 4THBIN will help you liquidate your computers to maximize your ROI and residual value on your IT assets quickly and efficiently.

Assets that have technical value are tested, refurbished and re-marketed for resale. We maximize the recoverable value of your IT assets by utilizing a vetted network of retail and wholesale channels for the most competitive computer liquidation pricing.

Whether you have equipment you want to sell right now or you want 4THBIN to advise on your long term IT asset value recovery and computer liquidation plans, we can help in almost any setting. We specialize in data center liquidations and large scale IT asset refresh projects in the New York Tri-State area, Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Here’s a quick look at where 4THBIN’s IT Computer Liquidation services can help:

  • Understand fair market value for your IT equipment
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Inventory tracking, reporting, and optimization
  • Offset new equipment purchases
  • Ensure the purest form of recycling – reuse!
  • Guarantee that IT assets not being reused is ethically recycled
  • Iron-clad protection and destruction of your data to the highest standards (NIST 800-88)

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