Benefits of Our Trucks

  • Full GPS Tracking
  • Improved On-Time Performance
  • Proprietary Hardware and Software
  • Secure Transportation
  • Certified Clean-Idle
  • Diesel-Powered

Our Fleet of Trucks Make Pickups More Secure Than Ever.

4THBIN is proud to announce the addition of this new truck to our suite of growing capabilities. And, it’s ready to pick up your e-waste today!

4THBIN’s new truck is coming to a pickup location near you! With this new addition to the 4THBIN family, your electronics will be picked up with a new level of additional security, privacy, and efficiency. State-of-the-art in the e-waste recycling industry, our truck has full GPS capabilities, ensuring your e-waste is picked up on-time, on-schedule, and with peace-of-mind.

Full GPS Tracking

With our full GPS tracking capabilities, our drivers pick the fastest, most-efficient route.

Improved On-Time Performance

Our drivers can avoid traffic and arrive quicker as a result of better access to more robust data.

Proprietary Hardware and Software

All of our trucks run the latest software on the newest hardware, ensuring optimized pickups and logistics.

Secure Transportation

With a full camera system, tracking technology, and secure handling procedures, our trucks protect against loss and theft.

Certified Clean-Idle

Certified Clean-Idle technology is eco-friendly and protects our precious environment when idling in traffic.


Cleaner diesel fuel emits less pollution into our atmosphere – a small difference that matters.

Check out these images of our fleet in NYC:

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