Work Smart From the Start

4THBIN’s 360 Portfolio Analysis combines our proprietary software for financial analysis and our consultative service to effectively plan best sell times while accounting for warranty costs, discounts, deployment costs, removal and e-waste disposal costs. This broader, more comprehensive approach focuses on the long term financial impact of the equipment as well as the overall impact it has on your working environment.

4THBIN’s 360 Portfolio Analysis looks past the current market value of equipment and projects future value. The older the equipment the more it costs to support. Understanding the true cost of ownership of equipment and developing a long term strategy for managing costs, productivity and performance of equipment and employees, leads to smarter budgeting and accurate project planning.

  • Focus On The Long Term
    We look past the current life-cycle of your technology and project long-term values to help effectively plan your tech strategy
  • Anticipate What’s Next
    We’ve been in this field a long time. We know to plan for surprises like warranty costs, discounts, deployment costs, removal/disposal costs, and support costs over time
  • Make Your Technology Profitable
    With smarter budgeting, project planning, and management, your business technology will become an asset that you can count on
  • Improve Team Productivity
    With up-to-date technology, your team can focus on their work instead of the downtime they spend troubleshooting their computers
  • Foster Company Morale
    People like new equipment and with a good tech strategy, you can always keep their tools efficient and up-to-date
Work Smart From the Start | 360 Portfolio Analysis | 4THBIN

Less is More

The less tech issues your employees have they happier they will be. The less downtime your employees have the more productive they can be. Eliminating the costs associated with older equipment makes everyone happy. Saving money, boosting morale and improving productivity fuels the growth of your company.