Is it possible to do well by doing good? We think so.

4THBIN joined the B Corporation movement in 2012 and have proudly stood in the ranks of 2,500+ businesses in 50+ countries committed to making a positive impact on the world around them, being a positive force in their employee’s lives, and creating a positive ripple in their local community. This year, we’ve been recognized as a “Best For The World” company in the environmental category. This is our second time getting this honor, and it’s just as special the second time around. This award recognizes we are in the top 10% of all B Corps based on our impact on the natural world. This is truly an honor, considering our company in the B Corp community.

As a B Corp, we stand among companies like Patagonia, Bombas, Beautycounter and Nellies Eggs (the best, seriously try them). All B Corporations are committed to making operational decisions based on a multitude of factors, never simply “profit”. We don’t run the business solely for the benefit of the shareholders, and we certainly never ignore the state of our employees, customers, or quality of products for the sake of hitting financial goals. Speaking for 4THBIN (and not necessarily for all B Corps), we can say that being a B Corporation doesn’t change how we run our business, rather the B Corp assessments help us to recognize that our business’ moral compass is aligned properly, and in a way that is measurably positive for all.

Working within the framework of the B Corp model, we can see clearly that their principles translate to happier employees, greater customer satisfaction, and frankly a better product. The standard requirements have little to no impact on our bottom line, as the benefits that have a cost we had already been offering!

We are so proud of the work we’ve done at 4THBIN. In the near 10 years of operation, we’ve handled millions of pounds of e-waste, performed thousands of pickups, and had a direct, measurable positive impact on our environment. We are now picking up over 500,000 lbs. of waste per year, adding to our certifications, growing our team, increasing our impact and broadening our reach by leaps and bounds.

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