Our lives are filled with data. So much data exists that it is impossible for the human mind to remember or process all at once. Trying to stay organized for ourselves at work and at home — so we don’t forget that meeting we planned over a month ago, or a close friend’s birthday is no easy task in our busy lives. At this point, we all need an assistant.

The Smart Virtual Personal Assistant

75% of people have their mobile device at hand at all times. Many even sleep with them! Our mobile devices are the last thing we check before going to sleep and the first thing we check upon waking up. There is no reason not to store our busy lives inside of our smartphones. Smart Virtual Personal Assistants (SVPAs) offer a wide range of personal assistants that major technology companies such as Apple, Google and Yahoo all acquired.

These mobile services will answer and remember everything you input into the system. Like a personal assistant, they can help keep you ahead and on top of all the factors in your busy life.

The Right SVPA For You

Sounds good right? Now it’s finding the best SVPA for your needs. 61% of people use SVPAs, but may be using it incorrectly. It is imperative to ensure that you are using one that helps you achieve your goals and not just something that takes up mobile space. This may mean doing a bit of research on your assistant options.

A few options include Google Now, which provides you with assistance around the clock. 24me is an app that provides auto-generated reminders and allows you to share notes with co-workers. It’s worth taking a look at your options, as there are many competitors in the field including Quip, Wunderlist and Speaktoit.

Then there is Siri, a SVPA. In Apple’s iOS 9, Siri is gives you suggestions before you even think about touching your phone. Siri wants to know you better than you know yourself with the Apple Intelligence App. At certain times, Siri will make requests of typical things you do at that time, such as automatically taking you to a meditation app early in the morning. It will also have the power to search through data on your mobile phone to get the information you want in a quicker and more efficient way. When really taking advantage of these features – it can be a pretty powerful service.

With more tech-savvy businesses and individuals brings about more responsibilities. SVPAs can help boost your daily efficiency in order for you to be fully prepared for that meeting or upcoming birthday. It will even boost your business’s intelligence by sending data before anyone could even think about it. These apps will be our future assistants.

What do you think?

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