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Welcome to 4THBIN. We are the men and women of 4THBIN. We all share a common goal: to be part of the solution to the growing challenge of electronic waste. We are passionate about being part of something bigger than ourselves by helping companies protect their data and deliver on their corporate social responsibility commitments through the secure, legal, and sustainable recycling of their e-waste.

4THBIN has over a decade of experience being a trusted e-recycling partner with an award-winning industry reputation. And we are proud to support our customers’ e-recycling needs—together we are making a big impact!

4THBIN Leadership Team

John Kirsch
John Kirsch Founder/ Dir. Of Business Development

John Kirsch
Founder/ Dir. Of Business Development

John started 4THBIN with another IT expert looking for a solution. John understood the importance of data security and the challenge companies faced with the disposition of their electronics. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and it is certainly the foundation that 4THBIN is built on.

Prior to 4THBIN John was the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Control Group Inc., a New York City- based enterprise technology and software development firm. In addition, John managed the IT infrastructure for Addison Design’s three offices located in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. John has also served as Board of Director for Open House New York since 2008 and sits on Public School 8′s Executive Board. For John, a diehard hockey fan, his life’s motto comes as no surprise‚ “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” For him, this sums up life. You can’t succeed unless you try, and that means putting yourself out there and taking action.

Mina Hatano
Mina Hatano Brand and Marketing Strategy/ Dir. of Project Management

Mina Hatano
Brand and Marketing Strategy/ Dir. of Project Management

Mina has been the creative force behind 4THBIN since its formation. From brand development to its presence in the marketplace, Mina has done it all. With an undergraduate degree in biology from Japan's Women's University, a degree from the Parsons School of Design, and a master's degree in Architecture from Columbia University, Mina has proven that combining art and science is creativity at its best.

With over 30 years of design experience, she has helped numerous companies across diverse markets see the world around them in new ways through her unique and creative designs. Her work has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Educational Interiors Showcase, Ensemble, Interior Design, Metropolis, Columbia Books of Architecture, and JETRO.

Throughout her career, Mina has also mastered the skill of project management. She attributes the key to successful project management to teamwork and creating a shared purpose and mutual commitment. This is a philosophy she models in everything she does and is echoed in her favorite quote by Henry Ford, "Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Jeffrey Zink
Jeffrey Zink VP of Sales & Business Development

Jeffrey Zink
VP of Sales & Business Development

Jeffrey Zink is a nationally syndicated speaker with over 30 years of experience in launching new businesses, turnarounds, and business acceleration. Jeffrey started with YAHOO! Shortly after its IPO launch in 1996 and served as the company’s Vice President. He was responsible for the East Coast and Canadian operations including sales, strategic alliances, and business development. He has a strong background in establishing a client base at Fortune 500 companies as well as SMBs.

Jeffrey has been a Board of Director for several organizations including the Maria Fareri’s Children's Hospital, Children's Miracle Network (Chairman of the Board), and Angelwish. Jeffrey is a graduate of the Tom Mitchell Executive Coaching School.

When he’s not working, you can find Jeffery at the gym, playing golf, or on his Peleton Bike. Being an avid athlete, it’s no surprise that Jeffery thrives on competition in all forms. When asked about his passion for competition, Jeffery stated, “I love the true nature of competing. It gets my blood flowing, whether it is on a court, field, or business.

Vanessa Bonansinga
Vanessa Bonansinga Digital Marketing Specialist

Vanessa Bonansinga
Digital Marketing Specialist

Vanessa is passionate about both marketing, and recycling. Vanessa enjoys finding the best ways to connect the world with 4THBIN, and boosting client interaction. Currently a student at Rutgers University, Vanessa is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and has received multiple academic awards.

Vanessa believes in using your voice to make a positive impact. The saying, “Your voice is your superpower” from Lisa Congdon, is Vanessa’s life motto. Spreading knowledge on the dangers of e-waste is just the beginning of making a difference.

Victoria Curcio
Victoria Curcio Senior Account Manager

Victoria Curcio
Senior Account Manager

With a passion for sustainable e-waste initiatives, Victoria embarked on her journey in the e-waste industry over four years ago at EcoTech Management Inc. It was here that she cultivated her enthusiasm and expertise for sustainable practices, becoming a dedicated innovator committed to making a positive impact on electronic waste management.

Now, as the Senior Account Manager at 4THBIN, Victoria is driving positive change and contributing to the company's mission of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Victoria holds a degree in business administration and management from St. Joseph’s University. Guided by the philosophy that “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it,” she navigates the professional landscape with resilience, consistently transforming challenges into opportunities.

Nat Varisco
Nat Varisco General Manager

Nat Varisco
General Manager

Nat embarked on his sustainability journey at Ecotech Management a decade ago, diving into the recycling industry with zeal and quickly developing a profound passion for responsible recycling practices. With over 30 years of hands-on managerial experience in service-oriented businesses, financial derivatives, and property development, Nat brings an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a wealth of experience to contribute to 4THBIN’s mission.

With an extensive background overseeing all aspects of Ecotech Management and Crestwood Metal Corporation, Nat possesses a proven track record spanning logistics to sales. Nat takes pride in cultivating a cohesive team and ensuring the growth of both the foundational operations and team members. His embodiment of the motto “Good, Better, Best. Let us never rest until our good is better and our better best” resonates not only as a life philosophy but as a guiding principle driving sustainability efforts within the electronic waste landscape.

Sebastian Passarello
Sebastian Passarello Chief Financial Officer

Sebastian Passarello
Chief Financial Officer

With nearly two decades of expertise in the recycling industry, Sebastian is a New York State Certified Public Accountant and currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer at 4THBIN. Sebastian’s journey, which commenced in 1994 at KPMG, involved honing skills in audit, tax, and advisory services for major corporations. Over the years, he assumed pivotal roles, including Controller and Chief Financial Officer for notable entities such as a prominent S&P 500 company and a division of Dreyfus Investments.

Sebastian's profound commitment to sustainable practices, encapsulated by the philosophy that “There is no right way to do the wrong thing,” became evident in 2005 when he immersed himself in the recycling sector. Serving as the Chief Financial Officer of Crestwood Metal Corp, he co-founded Ecotech Management, Inc., where he currently serves as CFO. As a dedicated and forward-thinking professional, Sebastian brings a profound understanding of financial leadership within the sustainability sector to 4THBIN, shaped by his extensive experience and dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Michael Marro
Michael Marro Chief Compliance Officer

Michael Marro
Chief Compliance Officer

Michael is a third-generation recycler with a passion for the responsible management of electronics. Michael commenced his career as an independent recycling venture, specializing in IT Asset Recovery, Data Destruction, and Remarketing. As a recycling enthusiast, Michael channeled his passion for personal computing equipment into the conscientious management of electronics as recycling industry material streams evolved. Acknowledging the increasing demand for environmentally compliant recycling services and heightened data security, he joined ecoTech Management. There, he focused on expanding refurbishing operations, creating data destruction procedures, and managing independently audited environmental management programs.

These comprehensive programs encompass National and State-level take-back initiatives for OEMs, aiming to diminish clients' carbon footprint while providing due diligence evidence of a transparent, ethical supply chain of recycled materials. Currently, Michael manages certification programs for R2v3, e-Stewards V4.1, RIOS:2016, and NAID AAA certifications.

Enthusiastic about industry developments, Michael is dedicated to enhancing waste management for a better society. Being he is guided by the belief that one should “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” Michael advocates personally and publicly for a circular economy, environmental impact reduction, and Lifecycle Analysis.

Olaf Kreitz
Olaf Kreitz Senior Advisor

Olaf Kreitz
Senior Advisor

With more than a decade of experience in the e-waste industry, Olaf has been involved with 4THBIN since 2009. As 4THBIN’s Senior Advisor, Olaf will help guide 4THBIN 4.0 into the next chapter of its evolution. Olaf will focus on technology and strategic development in both the US and Germany.

As a proven serial entrepreneur, Olaf has established several marketing, branding, and software development companies in the US and Germany. His passion for entrepreneurship and innovation directly aligns with his favorite quote by Frank Zappa, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

Throughout his career, Olaf has acquired expertise in developing and leading multidisciplinary teams. Olaf also has a successful track record in managing digital solutions and growing brands and businesses. After running marketing tech companies in the US and Germany, Olaf assumed Head of Technology and CTO roles in branding agencies in New York and Berlin. More recently, he has been supporting various projects as a freelance digital consultant and a co-founder of an employee happiness and workplace diversity start-up.

Olaf has an MBA from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and speaks German and English. Olaf and his wife Jamie have two young children and currently live in Berlin. When he’s not working, you can find Olaf exploring the city and searching for the best coffee and sushi places.

  • Leonardo Cato
    Addison Design
  • Gregory Gong
    President, Wall Street IT
  • Aki Ishida
    Associate Professor, Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design
  • Daniel Kutroy
    Vice President - Business Development, Pro4ia
  • Michael Marrano
    President, Riskigy (MS, CISSP, CISM, CISA)
  • Satya Reddy
    Founder and CEO, AheadRace Software
  • Cynthia Salistky
    Director, External Global Communication, West Pharmaceutical Service

4THBIN Advisory Board

4THBIN’s advisory board is made up of a range of industry experts who work with the company’s leadership team to share insight and test assumptions of the company’s strategic plans. The goal of the team is to provide guidance on the company vison and growth plans as the company creates new offerings and expands into new geographic locations.