Secure Data Destruction

Data Protection for your Company’s End of Life Electronics

Secure Data Destruction
Data protection is one of the top risks for businesses, including the data on your end of life electronics.

We have all seen the high-profile online data thefts or losses that numerous companies have experienced in recent years. But what about the data breaches that happen when companies are retiring old electronics or devices?

Secure handling of the data on your end of life electronics is just as critical as your online data. It requires the same level of discipline and safeguarding. At 4THBIN. we pride ourselves on our data security expertise, and we specialize in the secure and sustainable recycling of electronics. Our motto is, "No data left behind."

Over a decade of experience with zero data breaches

Not all e-recycling companies are the same. At 4THBIN, we are certified and accredited by the industry’s most rigorous and trusted institutions for data security and sustainability.

We are NIST 800-88 compliant and provide our clients certification of all data destruction. With over a decade of experience, we have destroyed or erased over 1 million hard drives for our clients with zero data breaches, and we are 100% compliant with data security and data privacy laws and regulations.

Large or small, we do it all.

We serve over 10,000 clients with their e-recycling needs from Fortune 100 companies to startup companies.

With our flexible service model, we can meet any need large or small. For those clients who have one-off needs, we can provide a more customized offer, and now, based on feedback and client demand, we offer a subscription-based service…providing clients a more consistent schedule and service fee to manage.

Zero Data Breaches


NIST 800-88 data compliance
DoD 5220-22 compliance
Certified data destruction
100% data privacy compliance
NAID member + NAID AAA certified


Certified crews
Hard drive erasure & destruction
Onsite or offsite data destruction
Subscription-based service
RemoteReturn service