SmartBin Technology

A Smarter Way to Secure Your Electronics On-Site

Electronics Recycling
Providing Our customers
with peace of mind

According to Risk Based Security research published in the 2019 Year End Quickview Data Breach Report, there were over 7,000 breaches exposing 15 billion records, making it a new worst year on record.

Secure handling of the data on your end of life electronics is just as critical as your online data. it requires the same level of discipline and safeguarding.

At 4THBIN, we invest in new technology to support our customers’ changing needs and provide them convenient and secure solutions. This investment includes the development of our new SmartBin technology. It offers onsite secure storage for our customers’ data containing assets that are being recycled.


The SmartBin features several benefits including

  • On-site secure storage
  • RFID key card access + GPS tracking
  • Arrange pickup with a touch of a button
  • Mobile design to easily move to different areas
  • Sleek design fits easily in any office setting
  • Sustainable design with reclaimed wood
  • Efficient pickup process with minimal business disruption
Secure And Sustainable


NIST 800-88 data compliance
DoD 5220-22 compliance
Certified data destruction
100% data privacy compliance
NAID member + NAID AAA certified


Certified crews
Hard drive erasure & destruction
Onsite & offsite data destruction
Subscription-based service
Asset inventory & tracking