4THBIN 4GOOD: Guatemala's The Parish School

4THBIN 4GOOD - Guatemala's The Parish School

We are a proud 2021 Sponsor with Guatemala’s The Parish School.

January 5, 2022

At 4THBIN, we are committed to our communities - the communities local to us, and the communities in need of assets essential to improving their lives. 

We are a proud 2021 Sponsor with Guatemala’s The Parish School. 4THBIN has provided the Parish School of San Andres Sajcabaja at Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala with technology assets to underprivileged children for educational purposes. 

“As a Certified B Corp 4THBIN is committed to putting the greater good ahead of profits both locally and globally.  Our partnership in Guatemala with the United Association for Life’s Education Program for Disabled Children will ensure the children will receive state-of-the-art computers that will give them access to information and an educational experience that many of us take for granted.  4THBIN will continue the expansion of this program in 2022 and plans on further expanding our support of important social initiatives and support systems.” - 4THBIN President, John Kirsch

While technology has transformed the education system as we know it, students across the globe have not all experienced the privilege of learning hands-on with technological assets. Through our partnership, we have been able to assist disadvantaged students in reaching their highest academic potential. These laptops will allow students access to cultural and educational resources they would have otherwise struggled to acquire. We believe that all students should have access to the resources essential to their success - in school and beyond. 


In hopes of lessening the digital divide, 4THBIN annually partners with United Association for Life’s education program for disabled students. Dating back to 2017, 4THBIN has equipped San Andres and the Association for Life with more than 20 laptops. We plan to expand this program in early 2022 with new sponsorship opportunities - both here in the U.S., and globally.

4THBIN believes in doing things the right way, responsibly, and sustainably. Whether it be properly disposing of electronics, or refurbishing them for good use, we take pride in implementing the most ecological verdicts. The technological assets, which may have been sent to landfills or been disposed of in an unsustainable manner, have instead found a new home with those who need them most.

We would like to thank our partners, EcoTech Management, and Zipair for their assistance in making this sponsorship possible. We greatly appreciate your devotion and generosity in helping us improve the education of many students.

Check out our 2019 sponsorship with the Parish School of San Andres Sajcabaja! 

At 4THBIN, we are certified and accredited by the industry’s most rigorous and trusted institutions for data security and sustainability. We have helped our clients recycle over 10 million pounds of e-waste, and securely wiped all data on their end-of-life electronics. Not only do we help our clients make a big impact, but we also ensure that no data is left behind. 

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