Summer is Here!

Are You Ready for Summer Electronic Recycling?

July 22, 2022

At 4THBIN, we believe the summertime should be the best of both worlds - environmentally friendly and fun! This summer, we will be participating in the seasonal activities that the summertime brings, while still honoring our commitment to creating a sustainable environment.

4THBIN Ocean and plastic


The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer. Global electronic and plastic waste volumes are making waves, and not the type you see at the beach. Like e-waste, plastic is a significant pollutant and threat to our Earth and its inhabitants. Both e-waste and plastic waste are leading global pollution producers, and there is no better time to take action against them than this summer.

4THBIN did you know plastic


Despite 400 million tonnes of plastic waste accumulating yearly, only 9% of all plastic is recycled. Found in nondurable products such as plastic bags and utensils, plastic waste adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans. Plastic accumulating in our oceans and on our beaches has become a global concern, as it accounts for 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments. During the summer months, the devastating effects of plastic pollution are the most prominent, as the number of plastic waste increases by 40% throughout the season. Tourists across the globe witness the tragedies of plastic pollution firsthand when traveling to coastal areas, as a majority of plastic waste in the oceans washes up on beaches, where it eventually degrades into long-lasting particles or is eaten by wildlife. Researchers believe by 2050, plastic will likely outweigh all fish in the sea.

4THBIN did you know plastic


Considering that 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, and e-waste accounts for 70% of toxic waste in our landfills, it is time for all of us to do our part in reducing our environmental footprint this summer. Getting a handle on your plastic waste contribution is simple, as minor changes such as avoiding single-use plastics, choosing paper over plastic whenever possible, and buying in bulk to reduce packaging waste are fantastic ways to minimize your plastic footprint! As for your end-of-life and obsolete electronics, 4THBIN is here to handle all your e-waste needs this summer and beyond! Whether you are cleaning out your closet to make more room for beach equipment or looking to securely and sustainably dispose of unwanted electronic assets before your next vacation - 4THBIN is happy to help!





We want you to enjoy all of the fun that the summer has to offer. Let us take the stress of device disposal off your hands and allow you to experience a fun-filled, secure, and sustainable summer! We are here to help ensure that your summer electronic recycling needs are handled responsibly and sustainably. We invite you to join us on our mission to take action against electronic and plastic waste this summer!



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Learn More About Data Security and Environmental Risks

When dealing with obsolete electronics, it is essential to take data security and the environment into consideration. If end-of-life IT devices are not securely and sustainably dealt with, they pose significant financial, legal, and reputational risks.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! As we get ready to celebrate the year’s most frightening festivities, we are reminded that the scariest part of Halloween isn’t the ghosts or ghouls, but the garbage that is left behind to haunt the environment.


Fall E-Recycling

Technology is evolving every season, and the use and demand for electronics have grown to unprecedented levels. As new, updated gadgets are introduced, older devices are rendered obsolete, contributing to the global issue of e-waste. As we enter the final quarter of 2022, 4THBIN is here to provide you with secure and sustainable solutions for any electronics that reached their end-of-life during the year.


4THBIN 4GOOD - We Care Act NYC

We are excited to announce our partnership with We Care Act NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging students in community service and increasing social mobility.
We Care Act NYC and 4THBIN share a common goal of spreading awareness of e-waste and promoting healthy e-recycling habits among our communities in the New York area.


4THBIN 4GOOD - Guatemala's The Parish School 3

We are honored to announce that the laptops we provided to the Parish School of San Andres Sajcabaja at Santa Cruz del Quiche have arrived and are already helping transform the education of many students. We annually partner with the United Association for Life’s education program for disabled students, and we most recently were a 2021 Sponsor with Guatemala’s The Parish School. We aimed to provide underprivileged students with the opportunity to experience the advantages of learning hands-on with technological assets, and we are excited to share the success of our mission.


4THBIN and BGA Team Up for a Fall 2022 E-Waste Recycling Event
November 16, 2022
Drop-off Event

4THBIN and Broadway Green Alliance Team Up for a Fall 2022 E-Waste Drive

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with environmental innovators, Broadway Green Alliance (BGA), for a Fall 2022 E-Waste Drive. We aim to provide members of the Broadway community and beyond with the opportunity to securely and sustainably recycle their old electronics. 

4THBIN-PS 29 Rummage Sale Fall 2022-Neighborhood Recycling Event
October 23, 2022
Drop-off Event

PS 29 Rummage Sale Fall 2022 - Neighborhood Recycling Event

We are excited to announce our collaboration with PS 29 again this fall for an Electronic Recycling Event. We aim to provide members of the PS 29 community and beyond with the opportunity to securely and sustainably recycle their old electronics. 

4THBIN-BGA-Event E-Waste Recycling Spring
June 1, 2022
Drop-off Event

4THBIN and Broadway Green Alliance Team Up for a Spring E-Waste Drive

We are excited to announce our collaboration with environmental innovators, Broadway Green Alliance (BGA), for a Spring E-Waste Drive.