Back 2 School 2023

4THBIN is here to help you have the most sustainable back-to-school season!

September 5, 2023

Start the new school year off right with 4THBIN! As more schools and universities reduce the number of books students need and opt for more computers and tablets, educational institutions are quickly becoming leading e-waste producers. The back-to-school season is the perfect time to embrace sustainable practices that not only benefit the environment but also inspire positive changes in classrooms that provide new opportunities for learning. 4THBIN is here to help you have the most sustainable back-to-school season yet!

While heading back to school can be exciting, starting a new school year is a significant change and can be stressful for students and educators alike. From back-to-school shopping, last-minute preparation, and remaining up-to-date with the latest technological advancements implemented in the classroom, the new school year can surely bring on stress. Technology is constantly evolving and changing, which means there are always new digital assets to be introduced into the classroom. The benefits of technology in the classroom are undeniable, as they provide structured learning, immediate access to an abundance of resources, and help students remain organized. However, the ever-changing technological landscape can quickly overwhelm students, educators, and the environment.

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Being that technology has rapidly evolved and has been integrated into the classroom in recent years more so than ever before, digital devices have replaced traditional educational resources, such as textbooks and notebooks. However, unlike books, the technological advances and changing features in digital devices create challenges for those who rely on them. While books can last a lifetime, electronic assets are regularly deemed obsolete and replaced with newer, updated devices. With each new device, there’s another piece of e-waste that needs to be recycled. While e-waste comprises 70 percent of toxic waste globally, less than 20% is formally recycled. 

As the fastest-growing component of the municipal waste stream in the United States, e-waste poses significant threats to the environment and humanity. E-waste contains hazardous materials and toxic additives, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, among other carcinogens. If not properly disposed of, e-waste will end up in a landfill where its hazardous toxic components will seep into soil and groundwater, creating substantial health hazards to the Earth and all its inhabitants. In addition to these health concerns, improper disposal also creates environmental problems due to the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane into our atmosphere through incineration processes or open burning at landfills. 

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With so many devices being replaced at such a rapid pace, educational institutions must implement an efficient way to dispose of old devices. Luckily, 4THBIN is here to help! We are proud to offer a variety of secure and sustainable e-recycling solutions to help divert end-of-life electronics from the landfills, and, instead, ensure they are ethically and responsibly recycled. 4THBIN is certified by NAID for data erasure and destruction and e-Stewards for recycling - ensuring that all services are completed securely and sustainably. We have helped our clients recycle over 10 million pounds of e-waste, which has helped reduce over 14.5 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and eliminated over 298k pounds of toxic metals and lead from our landfills. 

Make this back-to-school season the most sustainable yet with the help of 4THBIN! While technology has proven to be a foundational component in the classroom, it is crucial to ensure it is securely and sustainably disposed of when its end-of-life occurs. Recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year. Sustainable practices in the classroom are not only a long-term solution to improve students’ education, but our world as a whole.

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4THBIN is here to help this school year and beyond! We offer a variety of solutions to ensure your e-recycling needs are completed securely and sustainably. To get involved and take action against e-waste, please contact us

To learn more about the benefits of technology in the classroom, check out our sponsorship with Guatemala’s The Parish School


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