4THBIN and PS 29 PTA Team Up for an Earth Month Neighborhood Recycling Event

Earth Month E-waste Recycling Event with PS 29

May 22, 2022

Our Earth Month collaboration with PS 29 resulted in an ecologically impactful and fun afternoon with members of the community. We teamed up with PS 29 to host an electronic recycling collection event, as well as spread awareness on the growing issue of e-waste.

E-waste has quickly become one of the largest and fastest-growing streams of waste on Earth, with the number of tons of electronic waste in the US doubling throughout the past five years. When improperly disposed of, e-waste can cause irreversible damage to the environment, and even allow your personal data to end up in the wrong hands and be exploited.

Hazardous chemicals found in e-waste consist of lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, thallium, arsenic, and polychlorinated biphenyls, which contribute to irreversible health consequences, including cancers, organ failures, DNA damage, and neurological damage. Additionally, personal information stored on end-of-life devices can be accessed and misused if it is not completely destructed and wiped.

4THBIN was on site to collect, sort, and recycle the obsolete devices brought by students, teachers, and parents. In just 5 hours, we were able to collect 862 pounds of e-waste - the equivalent of 4 lemon sharks! Thousands of obsolete electronics including cellphones, laptops, and tablets were diverted from landfills and instead were securely and sustainably disposed of.



Our collaboration with PS 29 not only provided community members with the opportunity to dispose of unwanted technological assets without causing harm to the ecosystem but also gave students a new meaning for Earth Month. Many people, especially youth, are unaware of what exactly e-waste is and just how harmful it truly is. We are honored to have celebrated Earth Month with the students of PS 29 and increase awareness on the growing concern of e-waste, as well as provide an opportunity to take action.



At 4THBIN, we value education and always strive to make a big impact. Throughout the month of April, we collaborated with several other institutions, including the Hewitt School for an electronic recycling event.

We are excited to continue providing public recycling events throughout the coming months! Follow us on our socials to stay in the loop and be the first to know about all future e-waste recycling opportunities!

All collected e-waste was ethically recycled to the e-Stewards® Standard, and all data was erased to the NIST 800-88 r1 Standard.


To find out how 4THBIN can help your residential building with secure and sustainable electronics recycling services, contact us today at hello@4thbin.com.


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