4THBIN Ready for 2023

Are you ready for 2023?

4THBIN is here to ensure your new year's preparation is done the right way with our secure and certified e-recycling solutions!

December 7, 2022

Are you ready for 2023? 4THBIN is here to help you get a head start on the new year with our secure and certified e-recycling solutions! 

Not only is the new year a fresh start, but it is also the perfect time to set yourself up for success in the coming year. An organized and decluttered workspace is essential, as it eliminates distractions, encourages productivity, and positions you for success. Research conducted by scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute determined that clutter and disorganization drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus, and when clutter is cleared, productivity is increased. 

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Tossing any electronics that reached their end-of-life in 2022 or finally getting rid of that obsolete IT equipment that has been taking up excess room in your office are great starting points to set yourself up for a prosperous new year. Being that end-of-life electronics pose significant threats to the environment and possess sensitive data, they need to be securely handled and destructed by professionals to avoid financial, legal, and reputational risks. 4THBIN is certified by the industry’s most rigorous and trusted institutions - NAID for data erasure and destruction and e-Stewards® for recycling. 

4THBIN is here to ensure your new year's preparation is done the right way - securely and sustainably. Decluttering obsolete and unwanted electronics from your workspace will give you the motivation and productivity needed to set yourself up for a successful new year! A decluttered workspace will not only help yourself and your team, but you will also kick off 2023 on an environmentally friendly note and take action against the fastest-growing component of the municipal waste stream in the United States, e-waste! 

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Enter 2023 with confidence knowing that 4THBIN’s ecological initiatives are fully compliant and are supported with a complete chain of custody for all removed materials. Contact us to get a head start on a successful 2023! 



More News


4THBIN 4GOOD - We Care Act NYC

We are excited to announce our partnership with We Care Act NYC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging students in community service and increasing social mobility.
We Care Act NYC and 4THBIN share a common goal of spreading awareness of e-waste and promoting healthy e-recycling habits among our communities in the New York area.


4THBIN 4GOOD - Guatemala's The Parish School 3

We are honored to announce that the laptops we provided to the Parish School of San Andres Sajcabaja at Santa Cruz del Quiche have arrived and are already helping transform the education of many students. We annually partner with the United Association for Life’s education program for disabled students, and we most recently were a 2021 Sponsor with Guatemala’s The Parish School. We aimed to provide underprivileged students with the opportunity to experience the advantages of learning hands-on with technological assets, and we are excited to share the success of our mission.


Summer is Here!

At 4THBIN, we believe the summertime should be the best of both worlds - environmentally friendly and fun! This summer, we will be participating in the seasonal activities that the summertime brings, while still honoring our commitment to creating a sustainable environment.


4THBIN and PS 29 PTA Team Up for an Earth Month Neighborhood Recycling Event

Our Earth Month collaboration with PS 29 resulted in an ecologically impactful and fun afternoon with members of the community. We teamed up with PS 29 to host an electronic recycling collection event, as well as spread awareness on the growing issue of e-waste.


4THBIN 4GOOD - Transforming the Educational System - Guatemala 2

When it comes to education, technology has become a foundational component in the classroom. Technology is changing the way students collaborate, communicate, create and critically think. In a world deeply impacted by digital innovations, technology makes learning much more enjoyable for both teachers and students.


Celebrate Earth Day and clean up the Murray Hill neighborhood with 4THBIN!
April 30, 2022
Drop-off Event

Earth Day Celebration - Vartan Park: Murray Hill neighborhood

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Murray Hill Neighborhood Association for an Earth Day Celebration! We aim to provide the Murray Hill community and beyond with the opportunity to securely and sustainably recycle their old electronics. 

4THBIN-PS 29 Rummage Sale-Neighborhood recycling event
April 10, 2022
Drop-off Event

PS 29 Rummage Sale - Neighborhood Recycling Event

We are excited to announce our collaboration with PS 29 for an Electronic Recycling Event. We aim to provide members of the PS29 community and beyond with the opportunity to securely and sustainably recycle their old electronics. 

4THBIN-601Artspace-exhibition ars memoriae
March 25, 2022

Ars Memoriae

We are excited to announce our collaboration with 601Artspace